hCG Injection Alternatives

Very few people like needles. I’m not saying we’re all scared little kids, if you have to get a shot I’m sure you take it like an adult, but for the most part people avoid needles whenever possible. Unfortunately, needles are part of the process for those on the hCG diet. However, they don’t necessarily have to be.

hCG altThere are two alternative ways to get hCG into your system that I know of: tongue drops and hand creams.  Before you rush out and replace your injections with one of these alternatives, you might want to hear (or rather read) what I have to day on the subject.

As a forewarning, I’m going to be talking about scientific processes in a very simplistic manner so that everyone can understand what I’m talking about. In the comments, feel free to ramp up the discussion to include exceptions and whatnot.

I’m going to start with my main point: Stick with injections!

“But I don’t like needles! They sting!”

Injections are better than the other two alternatives in two important ways.

  1. They bypass your body’s various filters, enabling more of the hormone to get into your system and get put to work.
  2. Injections take effect immediately because the hormone is directly injected where it can be most effective.

Both of the alternative methods that longer for the hormone to actually get into your system, and by the time it does you’ve lost a good portion of the initial product due to all the various barriers it had to filter through on its way into your body. You should only use one of the other methods if you’re deathly afraid of needles or can’t take injections for health reasons. 

If you have to choose one of the other methods, go with the tongue drops. They work by placing a few drops under your tongue, which can penetrate your system much easier than if the active agent has to penetrate your various layers of skin before it can even start making its way towards the parts of your body where the hormone will take effect.

Don’t get me wrong, all three ways work. But injections work best, tongue drops work second best, and hand creams should only be used if you absolutely can’t stand needles or the taste of the tongue drops. Although you really shouldn’t taste the drops much if they are administered correctly.

Just something to consider if you’re planning to start, or have already started an hCG diet.

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