Is the hCG Diet for You?

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The results of the hCG diet attract a lot of people to the diet, but it really isn’t for everyone. Everybody would love to lose twenty pounds or more a month, but the unfortunate truth is that hCG isn’t meant to be someone’s go to diet plan. The hCG diet is meant for people who have extreme difficulty losing weight, not the average Joe who’s looking for a quick weight loss fix that requires no work on his or her part.

The wide spread use of this weight loss program is why it’s caused such a controversy in the media. Nutritionists and doctors looking to make a quick buck have let the secret of hCG dieting slip without telling everyone the truth about the program. Well let’s set the record straight before you go out and ruin your body.

First off, most people can lose weight naturally if they really put their minds to it. It’s slow, about a pound or two a week, but losing weight naturally by keeping track of your diet and exercising regularly is the best way to get in shape and stay in shape. You not only lose the weight and build muscle to help boost your metabolism, but you also create healthy habits and routines during the process that will lead to a healthier life in general.

The hCG diet, and other more invasive diets like it that use chemicals and hormones to give you a weight loss edge, are meant for people who are having medical problems that prevent them from losing weight. People with extremely slow metabolisms are the right candidates for the hCG diet because is specifically targets and boosts your metabolism. If your metabolism is out of wack, it sets things somewhat straight. If your metabolism is fine, it supercharges it and causes problems – especially for people who starve themselves while on hCG.

The hormone is synthetically concocted in a lab for people with real medical conditions. Not twenty year old Susie who’s in perfect health that wants to shave off another twenty pounds to match the emaciated cover model’s appearance.

How do you know if you’re a good candidate for the hCG diet? Talk to your physician and voice your concerns. He or she will be able to give you some tests to see if there is a medical condition preventing your weight loss and you’ll be able to get an expert’s opinion on the matter before you make any prior commitments. So talk to your doctor today and see if an hCG diet program is right for you.

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