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The hCG Diet for Men

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You probably know by now that hCG, humand Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone, is a hormone naturally found in pregnant women. So it makes sense that the hCG diet is useful for women, but what about for men? Many people seem to think that hCG can have negative side effects and possibly even “feminize” men who try out the diet.

Any man can use the hCG diet just as easily as any woman, and here’s why:

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Is the hCG Diet for You?

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The results of the hCG diet attract a lot of people to the diet, but it really isn’t for everyone. Everybody would love to lose twenty pounds or more a month, but the unfortunate truth is that hCG isn’t meant to be someone’s go to diet plan. The hCG diet is meant for people who have extreme difficulty losing weight, not the average Joe who’s looking for a quick weight loss fix that requires no work on his or her part.

The wide spread use of this weight loss program is why it’s caused such a controversy in the media. Nutritionists and doctors looking to make a quick buck have let the secret of hCG dieting slip without telling everyone the truth about the program. Well let’s set the record straight before you go out and ruin your body.

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The hCG Diet Controversy

hCG Contro

The hCG, human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone, diet has stirred up quite a bit of controversy. Proponents of the diet claim it gives people amazing weight loss potential while those against the hCG diet claim it’s a dangerous and ultimately ineffective way to lose weight. Are you ready for the truth behind the controversy?

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