The hCG Diet for Men

Weight loss

You probably know by now that hCG, humand Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone, is a hormone naturally found in pregnant women. So it makes sense that the hCG diet is useful for women, but what about for men? Many people seem to think that hCG can have negative side effects and possibly even “feminize” men who try out the diet.

Any man can use the hCG diet just as easily as any woman, and here’s why:

  1. The natural hCG hormone isn’t just used by pregnant women; it’s transferred to their fetuses too. While all pregnant women may be female (it’s kind of a prerequisite to give birth), not all fetuses are female (if they were then this wouldn’t be an issue). In fact, hCG stimulates the development of male gonads while they’re in their mother’s womb. Without it, they wouldn’t have the balls that many so often define their manhood by.


  1. The hCG used in the diet is a much smaller dose than the amount found in pregnant women – about 2000% less. That small of a dose can’t possibly have gender reassignment effects.


  1. Many men have already seen positive results from the hCG diet without suffering any negative side effects towards their manhood. Their testosterone levels haven’t decreased and neither has their sex drive.

The fact is hCG isn’t a “female” hormone. It’s found naturally in everyone, including adolescent males going through puberty. The only reason we focus on the hCG found in pregnant females is because it’s where the largest concentration is found and it’s the easiest way to explain how hCG works scientifically. Everyone has at least heard of the dietary effects pregnancy has on mothers!

You don’t have to believe me either. In fact, I highly encourage you do some further research into the matter and find some primary sources that support some of the claims you’ve heard. You won’t find too much research to back up very many claims one way or another.

The truth is, the hCG diet is still very new and hasn’t been well researched. However the results are irrefutable. It does cause incredible weight loss results, especially in the mid-section.

Unlike other hCG advocates, I highly suggest you consult your regular physician before starting the hCG diet. It’s not for everyone, and shouldn‘t be started based on a whim or because you want to “lose weight the lazy way”. No matter what gender you are; do your research and find out if hCG is right for you today!

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