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My success has given others (e.g. sibling, co-worker) the motivation to try the program and achieve success.

First of all, I would like to thank my wife for suggesting that we should give the HCG diet a try. I had heard the advertisement on the radio a couple of times but never thought to investigate the program. I must say, the HCG protocol, as I like to call it, has helped me to achieve a New Year’s resolution. The resolution was to lose enough weight to in order to stop taking the various medications associated with obesity and pre-diabetes. Over all, I have lost over 70 lbs and feel wonderful. Many of my family and friends often say I look like I did when I was in my early 20s. My Co-Workers have given me a nickname of ‘Narrow”. My success has given others (e.g. sibling, co-worker) the motivation to try the program and achieve success.

Before HCG, I had tried several well known diets without meaningful success. In addition, I attempted a nationally advertised exercise program, but nothing had given me the success and motivation that I experienced with HCG. I was tired of being the biggest guy when hanging out with my friend. I was little envy of Co- workers whom i watched, literally, over the years lose weight and often wondered what was wrong with me. My success has given me more confidence in my appearance and changed my personality. I am more outgoing and social. I receive compliments on a daily basis. It is nice being able to purchase clothes without having to pay extra for the “extended” sizes. The clothing selection is much greater in smaller sizes.

Finally, I want thank the support staff at Slim Again for providing the guidance and encouragement along the way. Nikki, Maritza and Jo were instrumental in helping me achieve my goal. They are very knowledgeable and compassionate young ladies. You can tell that they have your best interest at heart during the very first meeting. For this, I am grateful. The HCG has set me on the right track. I understand the relationship and balance between clean eating and exercise. I am fully committed to the change in lifestyle. HCG definitely works.

Anderson Phillips III ( 2- 40 day hCG program; lost 70 lbs )

My deepest gratitude I’m so happy,

I have lost 30.8 pounds & 16 ½ inches and I feel better and look better. I went from XL 16-18 down to M 9-10.  The staff encouraged and motivated me to lose the weight. The staff was great.

Radford ( 40 day HCG program; lost 30.8 lbs )

I feel good and look good

If you want to get your body back try Slim Again!!! The best decision I have made for my self. I feel good and look good, I lost 32.6lbs and 22 3/8 inches.

My started weight 210 lbs now 160 lbs. Everything in my closet fits. Thanks staff at Slim Again you are the best!

S. Jefferson ( 40 day HCG program; lost 32.6 lbs )

I look Amazing!!!

I have tried everything, this program has made me feel good about my self. I look amazing!! My sons and my mom said how great I look. Co-workers say, Sharon I see a shape and you look good. Thank you Slim Again for helping me get my body back.

S. Jefferson ( 23 day HCG program; lost 23 lbs )

The program was great!

The staff were nice and fun to be with; at first I didn’t want to try it because I thought it would be a waste of time but I was wrong and I’m very glad I did it.

G. Smith ( 40 day HCG program; lost 31.8 lbs )

Awesome staff @camp creek very well informed and knowledgeable!

My weight loss was obvious to many and apparent in all my clothes as I have gone down almost 3 dress sizes! The half has yet to be told … stay tuned!! I shall be back!

C. Culver ( 40 day HCG program; lost 27.2 lbs )

I was so impressed with my weight loss.

I will refer others about this program.  After having my 3rd child I did not think it would have been so easy with losing all the baby fat, I feel great! OH and by the way “ LOOK GOOD “ 25lbs lighter and 15.5 inches smaller!  Thanks Slim Again....

J.Clark ( 23 day HCG program; lost 25 lbs )

Great program and great staff!

Of all the supplements I’ve tried this program is by for the most effective. I’ve been able to maintain my weight loss for nearly a year!!  (I continue to use their B-12 Lipovite) New clothes new body, new me!

J. Fuller ( 23 day HCG program; lost 25lbs )

I am forever grateful to the team at Slim Again

The staff at Slim Again are incredible!!! They are sooooo motivating and inspiring and they are constanly pushing you to stay committed to your goals. I am forever grateful to the team at Slim Again. Thank you Shamone for being so encouraging, straightforward and an absolute pleasure, I have so enjoyed meeting you. Thank you for helping me to be successful!!

N. James ( 40 day HCG program; lost 20.2 lbs )

I want to say thanks to the staff at Slim Again I love you all.

When I first started the hCG 40 day program, I thought I wouldn’t be able to complete it but with the help and support of the wonderful staff I did I was weighting 190 lbs before and now I am weighting 156.8 lbs.  Thanks to Slim Again program I was able to come down on my weight. I would recommend this program to anyone who want to lose weight and see results. I want to say thanks to the staff at Slim Again I love you all.

D. Barras ( 40 day HCG Program; lost 33.2 lbs )

The staff is so sweet and supportive, Do it for your family

Amazing! Just amazing results if you follow and don’t miss steps. This is the first time I have lost weight and not gain more back within a few weeks. The staff is so sweet and supportive.  Do it for your family but most of all do it for yourself, it can and will be a life saver.  Yes your clothes will fit better, you will feel better and the investment you make will be happy, Happy returns! Glad to be Slim Again.

P. Fuller ( 23 & 40 day HCG program; lost 39.4 lbs )

I am so glad I finally decided to join

I started the program only wanting to loose 15 lbs I was still carrying weight from when I had both of mychildren. I tried loosing the weight from regular exercise and dieting , but I wasn’t getting the results I was expecting three months before joining the program I was encouraged to try Slim Again but was very reluctant. I am so glad I finally decided to join.

N. Russaw ( 23 day HCG program; lost 25 lbs )

The staff Slim Again are out of sight! Love them!

When I first started the program, I was very skeptical about how it would work. However, I must say that I am a 100% beleiver of the program now. I lost 17lbs in 23days and I have to admit that I did not follow eating requirements 100% in the first week had I followed it in the beginning, the lost would have been greater. But I am on point with the eating now and the water in take and the weight falls off. I am now beginning the maintenance program and I hope to lose even more. The staff Slim Again are out of sight and I love them.

K. Weems ( 23 day HCG program; lost 17 lbs )

Happy Me! Great staff very motovation, Love the program!!!!

I had tried many weight programs but nothing worked for me, I will always be a client and a friend with Slim Again. You guys are the best ever!!!!

K. Briscoe ( 23 day HCG program; lost 21 lbs )

They were just grea at Slim Again!

I love every thing about this program but one thing, the staff is amazing! When I came to the office they talked to me, gave me encouragement and cheered me up; they were just great! The key is buy the recipe book, cookyour food in advance and don’t listen to anyone outside the staff....do you!! I wasn’t hungry unless I did too much physical activity that day then I had either more veggies or another piece of fruit.  Don’t cheat not a nibble nothing, stick to the plan. What I didn’t like the last week awful. It really needs to be 30 days not 40 but OH well.

This works, it works big time, just follow the plan to success!
C. Fortenberry ( 40 day hCG program, 32 lbs Loss )

I always start by telling them about the wonderful staff at Slim Again

My husband and I started the program on July 12,2012, we were both ready for change. I want to thank him for being so willing to take this journey with me. He ‘s been so encouraging and extremely supportive! His support made it easy for me to be able to prepare our meal daily without any hesitation or delay .I took pride in being able to do this for him. I had no idea of what to except when begin, however, it didn’t take long for me to realize that we were on to something really special. Within the first week of taking HCG, I saw the fluid retention in my ankles begin reduce .By the second week, my ankles were looking normal… which they hadn’t been for a very long time. This alone was exciting for me. In addition, the scale was also decreasing daily! The HCG program was just what I needed to turn my “weight worries “ around. I’ve tried other programs in the past, but none can compare to the results that I‘ve experienced with HCG. The discipline will power that it takes to be successful with this program have thought me that I can resist those foods that are not good for me. I’ve found alternatives that I can have. Even the “occasional “ opportunities to “ cheat “ have thought me how to manage those urges. I’ve also learned that the changes I‘ve made so far are going to benefits not only me, but my family too, for the rest of my life. Consistency, patience, being realistic, disciplined and will power have been the key to my success!

When I have the opportunity to share with others what I’ve done, I always start by telling them about wonderful staff of Slim Again. Each Saturday, we drive approximately 45 minutes to the Marietta location. I wouldn’t have it any other way! Nikki, Maritza, and Jo are incredible people who’ve been consistently knowledgeable, motivating and encouraging. There has never been a time when I didn’t walk away feeling empowered by my visit with them. Thank you ladies for being there for my husband and me!

K. L. Phillips ( 2 - 40 day hCG program; lost 74.6 lbs in 4 months )


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